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How To Open an Account with Paylar?

For private individuals

In order to open a payment account with Paylar you need a valid ID or Passport and a internet-connected computer with a webcam or a smartphone with the selfie-camera.

Once you click “Register” on the Paylar.com website, you will be taken to a registration page, where you should provide your email address and other relevant information. After you confirm your e-mail address, using a link sent to you via provided e-mail you shall then be asked to choose a password to protect your account.

Once you are logged in the Paylar system, you are still an Unidentified user, so, you need to pass the remote identification procedure by clicking the “Verify now” button on the top of the man account page. Then, you shall be taken to the Ondato identification page, where you shall be asked to take a selfie and show your ID or Passport. You will be notified by email if the verification procedure has been successful.

As soon as your data is verified by our staff – your account is ready. Enjoy!

For corporate clients

The procedure for onboarding a corporate client is similar to one for the private individual.

After the application is reviewed by our specialists, and the decision to open an account is made, we will ask for the general manager of the company to open up a personal account as described in the section above.

At least one physical person must be appointed to be representative of the company to access the Paylar account. The company can assign as many representatives as required, as long as they are onboarded as private Paylar clients.

Who are eligible to have an account with Paylar?
  • Private individuals – above 18 years of age and having a valid ID or passport, not listed in the international sanction lists.
  • Freelance professionals.
  • Corporate clients – companies from all over the world (with a few minor exceptions).
Is my money safe?

We are a licensed electronic money institution under the close supervision of the Bank of Lithuania. Following the strict client fund separation requirements, we are obliged to keep all of our client’s funds in a separate deposit account at the Bank of Lithuania, at the national banks of the other European Union member states or commercial banks of the EU – member states.

What documents do I need to open a business account?

In order to open a business account, we may ask you to provide the following:

  • Company registration certificate
  • Company statute (by-laws)
  • Company incorporation decision
  • Management structure
  • Shareholder structure
  • Information about UBOs (ultimate beneficiary owners)
  • Description of the business activities
  • Information on business partners

We may also ask for additional documents, if our onboarding specialists deems required.

In what currencies do yo operate?

We currently operate in Euros only within SEPA area.

More currency will be added shortly.

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