Why did we choose Lithuania for Paylar?
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First things first – thank you for engaging with Paylar and asking all these questions. We are keen to share anything with you since we’re strong believers in transparency and the value of trust. So, why Lithuania?

Being a member of European Union this country enjoys all perks and guarantees of the Single European Economic Area, including high-speed low-cost financial transfers anywhere on the continent and beyond. Even more importantly, Lithuania champions among other countries as particularly favourable to new-generation FinTech companies. Bank of Lithuania (the central bank of the state) moved swiftly to introduce comprehensive yet liberal regulation of Electronic Money Institutions (EMI). According to it, all funds of EMI clients to be kept in the special account within the Bank of Lithuania itself adding to the overall safety and trustworthiness of EMIs.

Also, Lithuania sports exceptionally simple and quick procedures for company formation that can be done even from abroad along with the benefits of reasonable taxation and unrestricted entry to the Schengen Area. This is something our international business clients appreciate quite a lot.

Last but not least Lithuania has one of the best internet infrastructure in the world along with top-notch IT service which makes us confident that our clients can enjoy uninterrupted quality Paylar services at any time.

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